Lost amid the myriad drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs – amid the PHP, IOP, addiction aftercare, 12-step meetings, and all that other jargon – is the importance of some of the simpler responsibilities exclusive to just about no one. These are the little things that, to get you through the day, need to be learned and embraced, need to be accepted and, in all truth, used to your advantage in order to more fully participate in society.

Schoolwork. Housework. Yard work. Work. Work. Work.

See the trend?

It’s one of life’s more basic realities: to put food on the table, to pay for your cable bill or your electric bill or your cell phone bill, to pay for your car’s repairs, you likely have to get up off the couch and face the day with the kind of hunger (both actual and metaphorical) that makes you strive for the complex and the mundane, for your child’s education and your favorite snack cakes.

But there’s another angle to the work mantra. As it turns out, in the addiction recovery community, the virtue of hard work is just as important to your ultimate sobriety as the quality of the care you may receive.

Work is another in a Powerful List of Addiction Treatment Programs

Yes, there is worth to your recovery in waking up with the dawn, in sitting behind a desk for eight hours, in braving the South Florida-rush hour traffic, in having to listen to your boss complain, and in having to do it all over again the next day.

Work is structure. Work is responsibility. Work is goal-setting. Work is the promise of tomorrow. Above all, work is meaning: it is a more tangible affirmation of your worth, of your value in the world. And rest assured, you very much are valuable. You very much do have worth. Because somewhere in your life, there is someone who depends on you, someone who turns to you for a smile or a loving embrace or the intimacy in sharing a quiet moment. Comfortably and at ease.

Because every life is beautiful, but sometimes we need to work a little more – break a sweat and tough out the pesky paper cuts – to be reminded that the things worth having are worth working toward, that meaning shines brightest when compared to some of the more meddlesome moments that life may throw at you.

Work is paramount to the life you lead moving forward, and we hope to instill in our clients an appreciation for hard work in achieving hard-working and honest addiction recovery.