Family support is critical for anyone entering a drug rehab center. But your idea of support and the kind of support your loved one needs might be miles apart. That’s ok; everyone learns throughout recovery.

When a person is dealing with an addiction, something in his regular life is not as it should be, probably including some of his family relationships. So even though you love and want what’s best for him, the best thing is the care, wisdom and experience of treatment center staff.

Family Can be a Client’s Strongest Supporter

In any strong family unit, family members will naturally want to offer encouragement and support to their loved one who is in a treatment program. Knowing that family cares and is available can make all the difference in the world to someone struggling to overcome an addiction.

Most treatment programs believe in the power of family, says Psych Central, and want to encourage that network of support. So while you or a loved one might be in a temporary inpatient situation at the beginning, it really is only temporary. That phase only lasts a short while. Soon, he’ll start acclimating back into the world again, a little at a time.

Recovery Affects Everyone in the Family

What some clients and relatives might not realize is that it takes a lot of energy and effort to work through recovery. So as important as it is to have family around, clients really do need to focus on themselves as much as possible.

At Cornerstone, we host Family Night on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. This is a time when families and loved ones of people in a treatment program can meet, talk, share experiences, and gain support from each other. Clients are not a part of Family Night, because this is a time for everyone to clear their heads, learn about recovery, and begin to heal. Addiction affects the whole family, but recovery does, too.

Family Support in Treatment is a Bit Different

Clients enter a rehab center because they need a break from the life that helped create the addition. That’s not to say that family always enables the addict, although in many cases that’s true. It only means that a change of scenery in every way helps the client focus inward, start over with all new habits, and come through treatment healthier and a bit more educated than before.

Families should use this time to support their loved one in other ways. You can’t visit the way that you might like, but you can still give support. Cornerstone offers education that can help families understand what their loved one is going through and all of the ways to help, such as learning new habits that make staying on track easier once he is home again.

Family support is critical to the success of any client in an addiction treatment program. But the support that he needs might be your understanding that he needs to have his space.

Remember that treatment isn’t to set a broken bone, but to help mend a broken spirit, both the client’s and everyone else’s who loves him. You will all need stress-free time for self-reflection and to let the healing begin.

At Cornerstone, we know that addiction and recovery isn’t just about the client, but the whole family. That’s why we work with clients and their loved ones to help everyone make it through stronger than they were before. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, give us a call at 888-711-0354 or reach out online.