Holistic refers to the whole self: Mind, body and spirit. Few things could be more critical to recovery than nurturing each of these, and at Cornerstone Recovery Center, you have that choice.

The holistic approach to anything in life means acknowledging the connection between every aspect of the self and how they relate to and affect each other. In fact, WebMD explains that it focuses on how they are all part of the same whole, not separate entities that take up the same space.

It’s with this understanding – that treatment must protect and care for every part of every person – that Cornerstone can help you not just conquer addiction, but heal yourself inside and out.

Holistic Healing Treats All of You

The foundation of holistic treatment is that when one part of the self is affected by something, it affects the rest of the self in a positive or negative way. You’ve probably seen this throughout your life. When you go for a walk, your mood probably improves. And if you eat too much, your mind might become fuzzy.

From a treatment perspective, everything that you to do help one part of the body/mind/spirit connection affects the other parts. Eating wholesome food, meditating and exercising can each create good change in every part of you. When you combine therapies, everything that’s good affects every aspect of you either directly or indirectly.

Addiction Affects the Whole Person, Too

Drug and alcohol addictions don’t stay contained in one area of life. They branch out. Addictions affect your personal relationships, work life, intellect and psyche, finances, and your health, among many others. In fact, there’s hardly any part of any addicted person’s life that isn’t touched by the addiction in one way or another.

A holistic treatment program is a natural course of action to help heal all of these broken areas, which is the only way to truly be well. Just as addiction has caused damage and pain to your body, mind and spirit, holistic rehab center treatment helps them start to become whole again.

Holistic Programs Cover a Lot of Ground

Treatment can’t include just a yoga class and call itself holistic. Not when there’s so much more. Drugs and alcohol may have helped you escape from physical pain or psychological trauma, which may be the real root of the problem. But some addicted people don’t really know what caused it to take hold.

So to nurture and mend the whole self, programs may include elements such as massage therapy, yoga, chiropractic care, nutrition, art therapy, drum circles, music, and anything else that helps soothe a broken body, mind and spirit. We have many such services that you can choose from, each complementing the peace and tranquility of the ocean setting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

A holistic approach might sound new-age and theoretical, but it’s been shown time and again to improve lives and aid in healing. And with all of the ways an addiction causes harm, it’s time to think about treating yourself with some tender loving care.

Cornerstone is here to help if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. Call us at 888-711-0354 or contact us online to speak confidentially with an Admissions Counselor. We offer customized treatment programs to fit your needs and preferences. Recovery of body, mind and spirit is just a call away.