Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Cornerstone Recovery Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) treats drug and alcohol abuse while simultaneously allowing him or her to live life on life’s terms. The PHP, by way of its structure, will work to closely mirror the day-to-day life that a client will experience once addiction treatment has been completed. Individuals who take part in our PHP will first meet with our Medical Director and Clinical Director to properly determine an individualized addiction treatment program. Once a course of action is agreed upon by everyone involved, the journey toward honest recovery can begin.

A Comprehensive Approach to Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Individuals will be assigned to a residence based on gender as our complexes are gender-specific, and they will be under 24-hour supervision. Each day, clients will be transported to and from our drug treatment center in South Florida for a day in accordance with the client’s individualized treatment plan. This may include group sessions, individual assessments, psychiatric consultations, dietary training, and exercise, all of which are intended to effect change through positive action. Upon conclusion of a day of treatment, individuals will be housed in our nearby residential complexes where clients can spend the duration of the evening and attend AA, NA, or any other twelve-step meeting.

The length of our PHP varies depending on the individualized addiction treatment plan as it relates to the needs of a client, though the duration is usually 30, 60, or 90 days. Once substance use disorder treatment is sought and the PHP is implemented, clients and their families will receive attention from a designated counselor and a caring staff whose only concern is the laying of a foundation for lifelong and effective recovery. Please contact us for further information as to how the PHP fits into your treatment plan.