Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Cornerstone Recovery Center intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is available to clients meeting the criteria for admission. Criteria vary from client to client and are contingent upon the individual’s treatment needs. The frequency and intensity of treatment are customized to effectively and efficiently address a client’s treatment requirements, though clients should expect to participate in outpatient rehab three to five times per week for a total of six to eight weeks.

Individualized Outpatient Rehabilitation in South Florida

Clients of our intensive outpatient rehabilitation program will receive full access to our drug treatment center in South Florida for treatment in accordance with his or her individualized treatment plan. Daily activities will be structured around our addiction recovery support services as they relate to the individual, all of which are intended to treat both the addiction and any co-occurring disorders that may be driving addictive actions. And, because Cornerstone Recovery prides itself on its smaller size, clients can expect more personalized contact with our counselors.

We now offer both daytime and evening intensive outpatient programs to accommodate clients with different schedules. The evening IOP includes a SMART Recovery® track that is coordinated by Bob Scardino, our clinical director and trained SMART Recovery® facilitator.

As with all the support we offer, the goal of our intensive outpatient treatment program is to fill the void left by addiction with positive action in repairing mind, body, and spirit. Cornerstone Recovery will work with each and every client in rebuilding his or her life with a cornerstone of outpatient drug & alcohol treatment as sturdy footing. Please contact us for further information regarding our intensive outpatient program.