Alumni Services for Recovery From Addiction

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process that continues long after you leave Cornerstone Recovery Center. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse rates for drug addiction is 40 to 60%; however, there is strong evidence that involvement in follow up programs help addicts maintain sobriety. The goal of Cornerstone’s alumni program is to provide ongoing support and fellowship to anyone who has completed treatment at Cornerstone.

The motto of our Alumni Recovery Program is “Keeping Us Connected”. We provide many different outlets and ways to connect, whether you stay in South Florida, or live in another state like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Ohio. We host group events every month as well as provide 24-hour phone, chat and text support. We also provide recovery resources, help with finding 12-step meetings in your area, and a very active private Facebook group for our alumni to interact with each other.

20150814-CRC-PAP-Logo-FINALOur Alumni Program is a game changer in the field of individualized addiction post treatment services. Upon completion of the Cornerstone Partial Hospitalization Program, you are encouraged to maintain a relationship with Cornerstone through participation in the Cornerstone Pillar℠ Alumni Program. An important feature of this program is an individualized, tailored plan that includes multiple resources and supports for maintaining your drug and alcohol free lifestyle, while assisting you to achieve their lifelong goals and aspirations. This program is offered to each client returning home from treatment or those enrolled in Cornerstone’s Intensive Outpatient Program. The program involves a variety of options and resources tailored to suit the unique aspects of your personality and where you are in your recovery. If ever a need for a resource, referral, or simply an encouraging, empathetic ear, a recovery support specialist is only a phone call away here at Cornerstone Recovery Center.

Addiction Recovery Tools and Support

Alumni events are offered monthly throughout the year. We have different activities for alumni that allow them to share their experiences, stories, challenges, inspiration, and just have fun. Follow us on Facebook to keep in touch and hear about upcoming events.

Here are some of the addiction recovery tools and program features available to all alumni:

  • Phone follow-ups start the day after you leave treatment and continue weekly to check in, answer questions and provide meeting information.
  • 24-hour support is available via the Alumni Hotline, a private phone number for alumni only, chat, text, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, and WhatsApp. We know that sometimes the hardest thing for someone to do is pick up the phone to make a call for help. That is why we offer many different methods of contact for our alumni members.
  • Monthly social events offer group activities, such as WWE Wrestling, beach parties, and movie nights.
  • Monthly recovery meetings are held in Fort Lauderdale. These support meetings give alumni an opportunity to see each other, hear from one alumnus who is the featured speaker that month, share a meal and participate in our raffle.
  • Additional Family Night events are held twice a month to provide support for families as well as former clients.
  • Email communications and a quarterly newsletter (coming soon) provide information on upcoming events and other Cornerstone news.
  • Mobile communications are available for those that prefer to chat online or would like to join a meeting virtually.
  • We recognize our alumni’s birthdays and sober days in our private Facebook group and during meetings.
  • The Cornerstone blog is also a great resource for alumni members to gain information and support for staying sober.
  • We have an abundance of recovery resources available to our past and existing clients, including links to AA and NA literature, AL-anon, and SMART Recovery®; local area information for Fort Lauderdale, such as library and support meeting locations, employment information from Workforce1 and vocational rehab resources, and public transportation schedules. This information is also offered online so that alumni can access it anytime online or on their phones.
  • Opportunities are available to play on our softball team – or just hang out and cheer us on!

Alumni Support: an Important Part of Cornerstone’s Comprehensive Drug Treatment Program

Addiction recovery and sobriety are lifelong endeavors and Cornerstone Recovery Center encourages all clients who complete treatment to become alumni program members. The comprehensive suite of services offered through the alumni program keeps everyone connected and increases your chances of sobriety success. We are committed to helping our clients remain sober after completing our treatment programs. The alumni program is one of the tools that clients have available to help them stay connected and have access to help and support anytime they need it.