Aftercare Treatment Program

Completing treatment is a very positive step in the right direction, but it is only the beginning of the lifelong process of recovery for many. Our Aftercare Program is a comprehensive aspect of treatment here at Cornerstone, and is part of our step-down approach to recovery. Clients who have completed primary treatment, including our residential (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), or outpatient programs (OP) have the opportunity to continue their recovery using our Aftercare Program for additional support and assistance.

Clients in the Aftercare Program may meet with a therapist or counselor periodically to monitor the progress of their continuing care plans, attend support groups and alumni meetings, and receive help from their case manager. The case manager can assist with lifestyle issues, such as finding a job, applying for school, securing a safe housing situation and more.

Aftercare Program at Cornerstone Recovery Center

Every program at Cornerstone Recovery Center is customized for each individual’s needs and progress, and the Aftercare Program is no different. There is no set length of time for clients to be in our Aftercare Program. This follow up service ensures that our clients received continued support for as long as they feel is necessary after primary treatment. This allows clients to stay connected to our professionals, meet individually with their therapist to review their plans and current activities, and take advantage of our case management services.

As the final step in our step-down program, participation in Aftercare activities is left up to each person. Clients may attend group counseling once a week and meet with their therapist just a couple of times a month. They can choose how much or little support they feel is needed, depending on their stage of recovery and what is happening in their lives. The Aftercare program also provides an opportunity to put the relapse prevention techniques they learned since the beginning of treatment into practice in the real world, but with a strong support system still in place.

Creating an Addiction Recovery Treatment

Cornerstone Recovery is dedicated to the lifelong commitment of our clients, and to the many steps that follow rehab in maintaining one’s sobriety. Upon the completion of an addiction treatment program, clients will have complete access to our Aftercare Program services. Cornerstone will always be available to help clients and alumni. In fact, we have been growing our alumni program with monthly events and a 24-hour Alumni Hotline. We hope to be a longstanding pillar supporting our community of recovery, as a resource whose existence revolves around freedom from substance abuse. Our aftercare treatment program is integral to the continuum of recovery we hope to nurture. Please contact our drug treatment center in South Florida for further information about our Aftercare Program.