We can appreciate, after struggling with substance abuse for so long, the desire to overcome drug and alcohol addiction in as quickly a manner as possible. The truth, though, is that if the onset of frustration is present in even the most mundane of tasks – such as standing in line at the post office – then the effect is likely tenfold when spurning addiction in favor of recovery. Thus, frustration may actually prove a deterrent to any of life’s little struggles. Whether for biological or psychological reasons, we as a species – as an utterly flawed and, above all, human species – tend to steer clear of obstacles, to opt for the easier of the two roads that may, time again, present themselves throughout our lives.

And sure, this seems like nature ensuring our survival by pointing us toward the least stressful and harmful of situations, but in addiction treatment, the right way and the easy way seldom – if ever – jive.

Patience is THE Virtue in Addiction Treatment

Recovery requires a great deal of patience: a very real understanding that the road will be long and hard, that addiction treatment is simply not easy. Choosing sobriety over the chemical dependency familiar to an addict or alcoholic equates to choosing the more arduous of two possible journeys.


Because it’s referred to as a “comfort zone” for a reason, because the old cliché is true: nothing in life that’s worth having ever comes easy. Whether a struggling writer, an upstart musician, a father, a world-class athlete, or an addict looking to effect positive change, the ultimate goal will first seem unworthy of the work required to achieve it. It is only after careful thought, after consulting with friends and loved ones, after looking to the truth existing beyond the trappings of the present, after the virtue of patience is adopted and trusted that the end will justify the means.

And in striving toward true and honest recovery, patience is a valued friend and a most powerful tool.