Robbi Beth joined our administration department in 2018. We hired Robbi because of her experience, leadership skills, and determination to change lives for the better … all of which is consistent with how a leading drug treatment center should operate.

Robbi offers more than 15 years of management experience. She is highly skilled and demands hard work and efficiency across all departments. She also has a way to find the balance with her team and keep them motivated, which in turn keeps the back office running effectively.

Her interest in the addiction treatment field is a personal calling. While not an addict herself, the disease of addiction has personally impacted Robbi. She, like the rest of our team, is determined to make a positive impact on the people we treat. She spends a lot of her time with our clients, out of love, care and concern for their well-being. Her meaningful interactions with clients means as much to them and us as her operational leadership.


Robbi Beth graduated from FAU with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science Education.