Maureen Donadio is well known to many in the South Florida recovery community. In addition to being the owner and director of a number of successful recovery homes, Maureen also serves as a court liaison for the Broward County Court System. She has dedicated her life to helping women recover from the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.

Maureen has experienced her own addiction challenges and has been dedicated to her own sobriety for over 25 years. Recently, Maureen opened a men’s facility dedicated to the late Richard Entriken, one of her closest friends and a colleague who devoted his life to helping others. They often stood side by side in court to help men and women seek treatment in lieu of jail or prison. Maureen received the Broward National Recovery Month Lifetime Achievement Award at their annual event in September 2014. The award recognizes her contributions to the field of recovery. She is also being recognized by the Emerald Society of Ft. Lauderdale with the Irish Mother of the Year Award in 2015.

Maureen brings the same dedication and compassion to Cornerstone Recovery Center that has helped her be successful in helping addicts and alcoholics take the steps necessary to live healthy in a safe environment. She works closely with the families of her clients, and because of her belief in the power of fellowship and strong aftercare, Maureen’s clients regularly attend AA and NA meetings, helping her programs maintain an 85% success rate.