As one of our community relations specialists, Diego is one of the first contacts for potential clients and their families. His responsibilities include providing information, opportunities and assistance to those that reach out for help. He takes his time, and performs a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate level and type of care each individual may need. He stands as a link between those looking for a hand up and our ability to aid them in beginning a better way of life.

Born in Colombia, Diego migrated to South Florida at the age of 12. He quickly found himself living a fast, destructive lifestyle that left him hopeless and broken. In 2015, he was able to start to recover, through his own journey in substance abuse treatment and a 12-step fellowship. After a year in recovery, Diego decided his passion for helping people would be best used to help those that are like him. He prides himself on his integrity and his ability to serve his community, in and outside of his recovery.