As the head of the billing department for Cornerstone Recovery Center, Brieanne is responsible for handling the insurance and billing related aspects of our facility. Brieanne is dedicated to making sure our clients, and their families, can be at ease knowing we work with their insurance carriers to cover our services at little to no out of pocket cost during their treatment with us. On a daily basis Brieanne obtains insurance authorizations to fight and overturn any discrepancies a claim may face. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of medical billing, she ensures we continually have valid coverage information so there are no issues in determining the appropriate level of care for each of our clients.

Brieanne earned her certificate in Long Island, New York where her journey in this field began several years ago. Brieanne deeply understands the importance of working in a setting whose staff is passionate about being a team that strives for the goal of excellent client care. She believes that the team she is part of can, and will, go above the norm with ease because of a shared love and passion for a client’s well-being.

When asked what she loves about working for Cornerstone, she explains that she loves that she gets to witness the progress of our clients from admission through discharge. She enjoys seeing the transformation as our clients move through the different levels of care. She states she personally “understands what it is like to feel like there is no help out there.” She shares her favorite part as “seeing the light in their eyes when they find the help they are looking for. The help they didn’t think they could receive. It’s a miraculous and beautiful thing.” She also is very thankful for her co-workers that have turned into amazing friends, “we all love and support each other, and I think that is really important when all you want to do is grow and be better. Not only for yourself but for those around you.”