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  • Maureen DonadioFounder & Manager of Finance

    Maureen Donadio is well known to many in the South Florida recovery community. In addition to being the owner and director of a number of successful recovery homes, Maureen also serves as a court liaison for the Broward County Court System. She has dedicated her life to helping women recover from the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.

    Maureen has experienced her own addiction challenges and has been dedicated to her own sobriety for over 25 years. Recently, Maureen opened a men’s facility dedicated to the late Richard Entriken, one of her closest friends and a colleague who devoted his life to helping others. They often stood side by side in court to help men and women seek treatment in lieu of jail or prison. Maureen received the Broward National Recovery Month Lifetime Achievement Award at their annual event in September 2014. The award recognizes her contributions to the field of recovery. She is also being recognized by the Emerald Society of Ft. Lauderdale with the Irish Mother of the Year Award in 2015.

    Maureen brings the same dedication and compassion to Cornerstone Recovery Center that has helped her be successful in helping addicts and alcoholics take the steps necessary to live healthy in a safe environment. She works closely with the families of her clients, and because of her belief in the power of fellowship and strong aftercare, Maureen’s clients regularly attend AA and NA meetings, helping her programs maintain an 85% success rate.

  • Levi Kahane, MDMedical Director

    Dr. Kahane is the Medical Director at Cornerstone. He has worked as a physician for over 20 years, and was previously the Medical Director at a detox facility. He has experience working in outpatient substance abuse treatment, and is Substance Abuse Certified.

    Dr. Kahane earned his Medical Degree at Sackler School of Medicine and his Bachelors Degree at University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated magna cum laude. He went on to complete his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York where he worked as Chief Resident.

    When asked what sets Cornerstone apart from other facilities, he explains that there is a deep commitment to patient care. He came to Cornerstone to work with an excellent staff and provide the highest level of care to clients.

  • Marylou LangdonMedical Office Manager

    Marylou Langdon is the medical office manager at Cornerstone Recovery Center. Marylou is a graduate of Miami Dade Community College with ASN; certified in CPR, Aggression Control & HIV. She has been working in the recovery community since 1981. She has an extensive knowledge of psychology, addiction, and relapse prevention issues. During her 30+ years she is proud to have helped people recover from addiction and medical issues both socially and spiritually.

    As the medical office manager, Marylou Langdon works closely with all aspects in the medical department. She implements policy and procedures.  Marylou works directly under the supervision of the Physician’s Assistant Certified as well as the psychiatrist.   When asked what makes Cornerstone Recovery Center different from other recovery centers, she said it was the individual client care, smaller group therapy sessions, and family participation in the addiction recovery process. “We have a family atmosphere here.  Our clients feel safe and secure and feel comfortable in the fact that we care about them.”

  • Robbi BethChief Operating Officer

    Robbi Beth joined our administration department in 2018. We hired Robbi because of her experience, leadership skills, and determination to change lives for the better … all of which is consistent with how a leading drug treatment center should operate.

    Robbi offers more than 15 years of management experience. She is highly skilled and demands hard work and efficiency across all departments. She also has a way to find the balance with her team and keep them motivated, which in turn keeps the back office running effectively.

    Her interest in the addiction treatment field is a personal calling. While not an addict herself, the disease of addiction has personally impacted Robbi. She, like the rest of our team, is determined to make a positive impact on the people we treat. She spends a lot of her time with our clients, out of love, care and concern for their well-being. Her meaningful interactions with clients means as much to them and us as her operational leadership.


    Robbi Beth graduated from FAU with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science Education.

  • Brette GilbertRegistered Nurse

    Brette is a graduate of Palm Beach State College, obtaining her RN degree in 2009. She has extensive knowledge working in the field of substance abuse and recovery. As part of the medical team at Cornerstone Recovery, Brette enjoys educating and encouraging clients on Wellness concepts, as well as handling any nursing concerns for clients in our care. Nursing is always available and committed to providing excellence in care for our clients.

  • Kelly TubmanAdministrative Assistant

    As our administrative assistant and receptionist, Kelly is the first face our visitors see when walking in the door. She is responsible for more than just answering phones and sharing her infectious smile with family and clients when they come into our facility. Kelly also cares for a large part of our Alumni Program, organizing events for our clients and maintaining long-term relationships with those that have come through our facility.

    Kelly came to Florida from West Chester, PA to find help for her own struggles with addiction. With a working knowledge of the 12 steps’ spiritual principles, and some time sober she came to work for Cornerstone. Kelly says she “loves watching the clients come back to life. It’s amazing to see others receive our help, and be part of it. I love being here.” With her compassion for those struggling and her bubbly attitude, Kelly has become one of the key members of the Cornerstone family.

  • Robert Scardino, LCSW, CAPClinical Director

    Bob leads the staff at Cornerstone Recovery as the Clinical Director. With a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Social Work, extensive experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Certified Addiction Professional, he brings tremendous value to Cornerstone. Bob has helped clients overcome ambivalence and commit to a recovery lifestyle.

    He employs a treatment approach, which combines the elements of the 12 Step, SMART® Recovery and other modalities. He believes in a non-judgmental approach, helping individuals and families who are affected by negative consequences as a result of alcohol, heroin and other opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine and a variety of other drugs and addictive behaviors. Bob’s experience includes working with clients under voluntary and mandatory conditions in both residential and outpatient settings. If you are considering treatment, Bob would like you to know he does not believe in guilt trips. He believe in you and your capacity to change.

  • Kris Drumm, LCSWTrauma Therapist

    Kris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. With a Masters Degree of Social Work from Hunter College New York, Kris has worked extensively with trauma and abuse survivors in various clinical settings. Kris is a published author of two articles on group work, and specializes in group therapy practices. Kris served most recently as Staff Therapist and Groups Coordinator at SunServe Social Services for five years, leaving her position there as Staff Therapist to open her private practice at A Healing Space in Wilton Manors. While at A Healing Space, Kris used a mixture of modalities to assist individuals and groups to uncover and transform limiting belief systems that damage self-esteem and limit self-expression and self-actualization. In addition to using varied cognitive-behavioral, experiential and existential approaches, Kris is certified by the Wellness Institute as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, and utilizes hypnotherapy when appropriate to speed the healing process, and to assist people in overcoming long-entrenched dysfunctional patterns.

  • Kim Sorondo, LMHCPrimary Therapist

    Kim Sorondo, LMHC, serves as a primary therapist with Cornerstone Recovery Center. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University, and her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Kim provides individual, group, and family therapy and treatment on a wide spectrum of co-occurring disorders that include addiction and a primary focus on mental health issues. Kim also leads “Family Night,” a program that provides critical tools and assistance to supportive family members who are involved in their loved ones treatment.

  • Michelle Weidenhamer, CACPrimary Therapist

    Michelle has been in the treatment field for over three years, but has first-hand experience as she is also in recovery herself. With a goal of helping others, she started out as a Tech and then the Director of Client Services. Now, as a Certified Addiction Counselor, Michelle is taking on the role of Primary Therapist at Cornerstone. She is also working on her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

    “Cornerstone has a passion for helping the addiction and alcoholic that suffers,” says Michelle. “Cornerstone offers treatment at all levels and that sets it apart from other facilities.” Michelle came to Cornerstone because she believes they empathize and do not judge their clients. The staff treats clients like family. She feels at home, and that’s why she loves working at Cornerstone.

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