Whether you are a New York Giants fan, New Jersey Jets fan or cheer on the Florida Dolphins, tailgating goes on in just about every stadium parking lot in America. A good portion of football fans out there are recovering alcoholics who still want to tailgate pregame, but it seems like everywhere we look, people.. read more →

There’s a certain accepted truth regarding those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction: they have to hit rock bottom before they can begin to get better. The theory is this: in order to acquire the mental state necessary to make real change in their lives, addicts have to be given the gift of desperation, and.. read more →

When a person is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the best-case scenario is that they recognize the problem and seek addiction treatment without being pushed into it by others. Unfortunately, many addicts will never seek drug treatment on their own. For those individuals, an intervention is the best and sometimes only solution. read more →

We are pleased to announce that Cornerstone Recovery Center is now offering an evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) as part of our commitment to creating a lifestyle of recovery for our clients. The evening IOP includes a SMART Recovery® track, which supports and encourages individuals to live satisfying lives through self-empowerment, self-reliance and self-awareness. In.. read more →

Facing charges for the possession or purchase of illegal drugs? You have legal rights that allow for in depth treatment in combating the disease of addiction.

Current laws for drug and alcohol abuse place a very heavy onus on the user. Our jails are full of individuals arrested for nonviolent drug-related offences, and these individuals rarely – if ever – receive treatment for their addictions. It is easy to see how this might lead to a vicious and never-ending cycle: an.. read more →