Are you focusing too much of your efforts on a relationship? Are you spending a large part of your life watching over and worrying about the person you love? Has your focus on this person take over your own life? You might be in a co-dependent relationship. Co-dependent relationships can be unhealthy and sometimes very.. read more →

When you finish your in-house treatment program at Cornerstone Recovery Center in Ft. Lauderdale, that is not the end of your relationship with us, it is just the beginning. We offer relapse prevention planning programs and monthly alumni events to provide ongoing support even after treatment is completed. Our addiction recovery programs are tailored for.. read more →

We are happy to announce that we’ve added a Christian recovery program to our addiction recovery services, led by Reverend Charlotte Day. As the Christian Program Director, Rev. Charlotte is developing a faith-based curriculum that combines the 12 steps of recovery with Biblical scripture. The Christian Program will focus on prayer, learning coping skills from a.. read more →

For drug and alcohol addiction treatment, there’s no better place than Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Find out what makes our community of recovery so unique.

South Florida is known as a hotbed for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, though if you’re not a South Florida resident – and, sometimes, perhaps even if you are – the reasons behind our popularity in the addiction treatment community may not be readily clear. Surely, substance abuse treatment depends solely on the quality.. read more →