We specialize in the treatment of trauma, PTSD or a major depressive disorder.
How Seeking Safety Helps Addicts Suffering From Trauma or PTSD.
August 15, 2018

Learn how our “Seeking Safety” therapy can effectively help adults manage trauma, PTSD or a major depressive disorder and a substance abuse disorder.

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EMDR Therapy can treat trauma as part of addition treatment
EMDR Therapy: A Fast Track to Healing from Trauma and Recovering from Addiction
August 22, 2016

About seventy-five years ago, two late-stage alcoholics in Akron, Ohio banded together to form Alcoholics Anonymous. The limited goal of these…

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PTSD and Addiction among Veterans
November 29, 2012

19% of veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been treated for drug or alcohol addiction. To offer a bit…

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