Opiates are a known problem. The heroin epidemic is evidence enough of that, with how it has swept through urban areas, and expanded its reach into suburban and rural areas, too. But what’s not as well known is the deadly opiate/benzo cocktail. This cocktail suppresses the nervous system, impairs or even stops breathing, and it’s.. read more →

The steep spike in heroin-related deaths is equally as shocking as it is sad. In the northeast, it’s reached crisis level. The stories are all so similar. Experimentation leads to full-on addiction, often overdose – and all too often a fatal outcome – especially when drug rehab centers aren’t accessible to the people who need.. read more →

Once a common drug in the 70s, Americans might have thought that the days of widespread heroin use was all in the past. But there’s a new epidemic that’s sweeping throughout suburban neighborhoods. It’s stronger, cheaper, and more dangerous than ever before. Heroin never really went away, though. Not according to DEA Special Agent Anthony.. read more →

Last month, we wrote about the heroin epidemic that is ravaging Pennsylvania in our post Heroin Epidemic in Pennsylvania is Out of Control. This month, we look at what is being done in Pennsylvania and other states, like New Jersey, to save lives and stem the pain of addiction. What do you think of when you.. read more →

For many years, New Jersey has been a state known for its prescription drug abuse. Easy access to drugs such as Oxycontin and other prescription painkillers have led people to become addicted to these substances at exponential rates. In recent years, however, laws have been put into place making it much harder for those addicted.. read more →

Here in the U.S., state laws revolving around possession of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs vary from state to state.  Marijuana possession is legal in some states and not others. There are states that enforce drug laws more strongly than others while some counties within the states have reputations for enforcing the.. read more →

Cheese heroin – comprised of Tylenol PM and black tar heroin – has caught the attention of addiction treatment centers because of its unique target market.

Heroin is one of the better-known illicit and illegal substances abused in the U.S. and around the world. An opiate and, specifically, a morphine derivative, heroin is highly-addictive and can prove fatal even when first used. Heroin and its addictive grip on individuals are responsible for spates of drug-related violence, broken homes and families, and.. read more →