It’s important for parents of teens and young adults, as well as school counselors and therapists, to be aware of new drugs that are becoming popular in our communities. We are always on the lookout for new drug trends that could potentially affect our friends and loved ones. Recently, we have seen an increased activity.. read more →

There’s a certain accepted truth regarding those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction: they have to hit rock bottom before they can begin to get better. The theory is this: in order to acquire the mental state necessary to make real change in their lives, addicts have to be given the gift of desperation, and.. read more →

Alcoholism has often been described as an obsession of the mind coupled with an affliction of the body. Take away alcohol from alcoholics, and their bodies will begin to recover quickly in most cases, but the obsession of the mind can persist for a lifetime. It’s this obsession of the mind that can manifest itself.. read more →

When a person is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the best-case scenario is that they recognize the problem and seek addiction treatment without being pushed into it by others. Unfortunately, many addicts will never seek drug treatment on their own. For those individuals, an intervention is the best and sometimes only solution. read more →

For drug and alcohol addiction treatment, there’s no better place than Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Find out what makes our community of recovery so unique.

South Florida is known as a hotbed for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, though if you’re not a South Florida resident – and, sometimes, perhaps even if you are – the reasons behind our popularity in the addiction treatment community may not be readily clear. Surely, substance abuse treatment depends solely on the quality.. read more →

Dual diagnosis is imperative toward the treatment of victimized individuals suffering from substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction.

It was not always widely accepted or believed that your more trying experiences may directly affect the likelihood of your dabbling in substance abuse and plunging into the depths of drug and alcohol addiction. Whether you blame it on a lack of awareness or plain old ignorance as to the underlying effects that life’s painful.. read more →