It is a common fact that addiction and depression go hand in hand. SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) statistics say that about 8.9 million adults have what’s called a “co-occurring disorder,” which means they have both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, a co-occurring disorder is one.. read more →

When a friend or family member has an addiction, their loved ones are eager to help them. Unfortunately, the people who are closest to an addict often unintentionally become what is referred to as an “enabler.” An enabler doesn’t want to cause more harm, and it’s rarely deliberate. But when the tough topic of drug.. read more →

Addiction recovery is no simple thing. It’s not a matter of working your way through a plan and then coming out the other side sober, fit and whole. Recovery takes effort, and a lot of it. But with Cornerstone Recovery Center, you’re not alone. Teamwork is what gives you an edge. Maybe you’ve tried other.. read more →

Family support is critical for anyone entering a drug rehab center. But your idea of support and the kind of support your loved one needs might be miles apart. That’s ok; everyone learns throughout recovery. When a person is dealing with an addiction, something in his regular life is not as it should be, probably.. read more →

We are very proud to announce a new monthly meeting series for alumni of Cornerstone Recover Center. The journey to remain sober does not end once you successfully complete treatment and neither does our support. We are offering relapse prevention and maintenance support through our new monthly meetings, which will be held for alumni during.. read more →

We are so proud that our Family Night events continue to be a success, connecting families and loved ones of clients in recovery with other families going through the same struggles. This past May, we hosted our 5th monthly Family Night and it was an overwhelming success. Our chests are swelling with pride at all.. read more →

Amphetamine addiction treatment confronts the effects of amphetamine addiction, which include an many psychologically tormenting amphetamine addiction symptoms.

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing that you were prompted by another in a growing number of tragic news stories to ask yourself, “What is amphetamine, and how did it end up in my home?” You might be startled to learn that amphetamines can be found – in the form of Adderall, Dexedrine, and a.. read more →