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Coping skills for mental health disorders
When Mental Health Challenges Hits Home
August 20, 2018

I proudly work and help others with co-occurring disorder. I thought I knew it all until my seven-year-old son was diagnosed with one. Here’s what I learned.

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Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders
Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders: Spencer Smith’s Second Chance
June 29, 2018

Read “Spencer’s” true story about his battle with addiction, and how our alternative sentencing program gave him and his family a second chance at life.

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drug and alcohol recovery
Top 10 Drug & Alcohol Recovery Blogs – Blogging for Sobriety
March 22, 2017

While there is more than one path toward addiction recovery, we can all use support as we strive for long-term sobriety….

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Even talented athletes can fall victim to addiction.
Athletes and Addiction: When The Drive to Compete Goes Too Far
July 6, 2016

When the news of athletes battling a drug addiction features prominent on the evening news, most people shake their heads and…

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The new w18 drug can be fatal.
W18: The Newest Lethal Drug
June 27, 2016

W-18 is a powerful synthetic drug that has just started to hit the streets in the United States and Canada. This…

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The music industry has grappled with drug addiction for a long time
The Sad Song of Music and Drug Addiction
June 14, 2016

No other industry has seen a greater percentage of its best and brightest stars fall from grace at the hands of…

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South Florida Leads The Way in Sensible Drug Policies
May 9, 2016

Anyone who was at least of high school age during the 1980’s will probably remember the “War on Drugs.” This ‘war’…

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Drug addiction is a mental health issue, not a crime
Drug Rehab, Not Drug Arrests
May 5, 2016

Alcoholism and drug addiction have long been seen by the medical community as a mental health issue. Most doctors agree that…

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The 2016 Presidential Candidates on Drugs [INFOGRAPHIC]
February 1, 2016

With approximately 40 million Americans impacted by the drug epidemic, one of the most critical issues the next President of the…

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Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms – What Goes Up Must Come Down
December 10, 2015

Ask anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol what their biggest fear is, and they’ll probably say going through withdrawal. No matter…

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