According to recent nationwide data from SAMHSA, about 5% of pregnant women used illicit drugs, while 9% drank alcohol and 15% smoked cigarettes. Unfortunately, pregnant women often experience more judgment than others suffering from addiction. How could you be so irresponsible?, their friends and family say. How could you be so selfish? The fact is,.. read more →

Last month was the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month, to celebrate those who have achieved freedom from drug addiction. It is also when our community takes time to highlight the achievements of those who have not only had success in their recovery, but have also shown others that there is hope and overcoming addiction.. read more →

Vicodin is one of the most widely prescribed prescription drug painkillers in the country, with 131 million doses prescribed in 2011. Unfortunately, many of these prescriptions are unnecessary, and they are producing an abundance of people suffering from Vicodin addiction. Consider this scenario, which plays out in one version or another on any given day.. read more →

What is GHB? Also known as gamma hydroxybutyric acid, GHB is a central nervous system depressant that is commonly referred to as a “club drug” or a “date rape” drug. GHB is one of many drugs abused by teens and young adults at bars and clubs—venues common to the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami nightlife landscape read more →

Celebrity deaths from prescription drugs have been increasingly reported in the news over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, the untimely deaths of mega-stars such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Heath Ledger only highlight the growing problem of prescription drug abuse and drug-related deaths throughout the United States. read more →

While Florida has long been viewed as a hub for oxycodone and oxycontin prescription drug use, painkiller-related deaths are in decline as pill mills disappear.

Florida has long been known as a hub for pill mills; that is, shady and illegitimate “doctor’s offices” (and we use that term loosely) that prescribe painkillers – such as oxycontin, oxycodone, and hydrocodone – to just about any and everyone who wanders in off the street. These pill mills have contributed to the widespread.. read more →

In achieving honest recovery through drug and alcohol addiction treatment, addict and alcoholic alike must believe in the power of patience.

We can appreciate, after struggling with substance abuse for so long, the desire to overcome drug and alcohol addiction in as quickly a manner as possible. The truth, though, is that if the onset of frustration is present in even the most mundane of tasks – such as standing in line at the post office.. read more →

Anger works to cultivate the disease of addiction. The cruel joke is that anger remains long after a high is gone. In dealing with anger, remember: just let go.

Life, whether afflicted by drug and alcohol addiction or not, is often marred by anger, often relegated to the insidious nature of that most primitive of emotions so often leading individuals astray. Anger is a part of the human experience: a reminder of our baser natures and of the thin line we tread dividing the.. read more →