Alcohol addiction is a form of dependency that can hide from loved ones and even from yourself. Unlike other addictive substances that people fall victim to, alcohol is legal. It can be purchased and consumed without initially raising any flags of concern. However, alcohol is an addictive substance and it does not take long to become dependent. There are some very clear signs of alcohol abuse. If you are able to check one or more off of the list below, it is time to seek some professional help.

If you are worried about a loved one’s alcohol usage, or even concerned that you might be having a problem with alcohol, use the list below to determine if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

10 Signs of Alcoholism

Ask yourself these 10 questions to help determine if alcohol addiction is a problem. If you think that stopping alcohol consumption is a problem or you have tried to stop and felt sick because of it, then that should be an indication that dependency on alcohol has already set in. Following is a list of 10 signs of alcoholism. If you have been experiencing one of more of them, consult with an addiction counselor to see if you can benefit from rehabilitation or a recovery center like Cornerstone.

  1. Have you been hiding your alcoholic drinks? Especially if you have been sneaking them in to places they do not belong, such as work, then this can indicate a problem with alcohol.
  2. Instead of having a casual drink with friends or on special occasions, would you rather drink alone?
  3. Do you plan on just having one drink and find you can’t stop with just one alcoholic beverage?
  4. Do you feel sick if you haven’t had a drink in while? Can you go a whole day without having an alcoholic drink? A week?
  5. Do you need to have a drink to feel better or even “normal”?
  6. Do you often blackout or have memory loss of events that happened while you were drinking or after having too much to drink?
  7. Do you find yourself choosing to drink instead of doing things you used to love doing such as hobbies or spending time with family and friends?
  8. Have you had any legal ramifications to your drinking such as a DUI or other altercations with the authorities?
  9. Are you regularly upset or do you feel guilty about things that happened while you were drinking?
  10. Are your family and friends showing concern about your drinking?

Find Freedom from Alcohol Dependency at Cornerstone Recovery Center

South Florida’s Cornerstone Recovery Center in Ft. Lauderdale offers a number of customized alcoholism and drug addiction treatment programs including a 12-step recovery program and SMART Recovery®. We offer living facilities for those that require partial hospitalization, along with intensive outpatient programs (day and evening) and ongoing relapse prevention programs. We believe that addiction is a family disease and we work to incorporate your family and loved ones as part of the recovery process. If you or a loved one need help for alcohol addiction, call Cornerstone Recovery Center at 888-711-0354 or contact us onlineto speak confidentially with an admissions counselor.