For many years, New Jersey has been a state known for its prescription drug abuse. Easy access to drugs such as Oxycontin and other prescription painkillers have led people to become addicted to these substances at exponential rates. In recent years, however, laws have been put into place making it much harder for those addicted to painkillers to acquire these drugs, thus cutting off their supply. Looking around for something else to satisfy their “fix,” these addicts are now creating a new trend: they are using heroin, an easy-to-obtain substance with a much stronger high and a lower price tag. For addicts, it is like seeing a bigger, better and cheaper form of candy dangled in front of them.

Choosing The Right Rehab Center for Heroin Treatment

With New Jersey turning out so many heroin addicts, each person needs to find the correct rehab center for help to become clean. While there are many rehab centers to choose from all over the United States, Cornerstone Recovery Center in gorgeous, sunny South Florida is an ideal place for treatment.

People seeking treatment for heroin addiction at Cornerstone Recovery Center will not only receive compassionate, quality drug addiction help, but feel as if they are going on a tropical vacation! Rather than stay in New Jersey during three dreary seasons of the year, people can relax and recuperate on the sandy, sunlit beach in Fort Lauderdale during treatment. Often, receiving treatment in a new environment can increase the recovery rate since clients are not triggered by old habits and familiar locations from the past that contributed to their addiction.

Transportation to a Florida Rehab Center

The cost of flying down to Florida from New Jersey should not deter you from seeking treatment. If you have insurance, Cornerstone Recovery Center will work closely with your insurance carrier to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Contact us to see if you qualify for free transportation arrangements.

Cornerstone Recovery Center provides a safe haven for heroin addicts in New Jersey to begin the road to recovery. Please visit our website or call 888.711.0354 to help yourself or a loved one today.