Sweeping across the country and, specifically, the recovery community, many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are adopting practices that exist outside the scope of progressive, honest, and hard-hitting addiction treatment. We’re talking about the posh, resort-style, spa-influenced, luxury-oriented rehab facilities. We’re talking about the vacation-reminiscent addiction rehab centers that, though still attempting to do good work toward achieving freedom from substance abuse, have muddied the waters of treatment by effectively removing the notion of its existing as a life-or-death task that must be completed for healing to take place.

At Cornerstone Recovery Center, though we praise the work done by addiction treatment professionals everywhere, we prefer to do things a little differently.

True, Honest, and Impactful Addiction Recovery in South Florida

It may be easier to begin with what we don’t do and don’t believe in. We do not believe in making your time in addiction rehab seem like a weekend retreat. We do not pamper your senses with all sorts of hot stone massages or aromatherapy or acupuncture or any other sort of sensory stimulation. We do not sit you poolside when your time could be better spent in a twelve-step group sharing in the fellowship upon which recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is built and endures. We do not shy away from the reality that addiction treatment is work, that it requires from you, from your families, and from the addiction treatment professionals you allow to guide you along your journey utter commitment and perseverance in the face of the arduous journey that awaits you.

In other words, we shoot from the hip. We speak in plain English. We accept that addiction treatment will be hard as most things in life worth doing are.

Cornerstone Recovery Center exists without the trappings and luster of a luxury rehab facility. We are, at our core, interested only in the kind of honest recovery best achieved with acceptance of the effort it requires and submission to the truths of powerlessness, abstinence, and belief that to live meaningfully is to live free from chemical dependency. Trust us: the work will be hard, but the struggle will make your recovery all the more worth it.