We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Stephen Sawyer and his wife, Cynthia, on January 6th. Both the staff and clients were very excited to have them at Cornerstone Recovery Center. I had the privilege of meeting Stephen at a National Christian Counseling Conference in Nashville, TN, and I was moved by his artwork, particularly his painting “Calvary.” This painting directly speaks to anyone who suffers from addiction. I was fortunate enough to have remained in contact with Mr. Sawyer, and I invited him to visit Cornerstone Recovery Center with the mission of sharing his message of grace from an artist’s perspective. His message was powerful and heartfelt as he explained the details of his famous painting “Calvary.” He also answered questions from our clients pertaining to his faith. He is a man who truly loves God and glorifies his creator by using his gift to bless other people.  The day ended with an interview with the artist who expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to share his passion of loving God through art. Please view the interview below.