Cornerstone Recovery Center Proudly Recognizes Kelly Tubman,
Administrative Assistant

Kelly Tubman is one of the new faces at Cornerstone Recovery Center. Her warm smile and super-friendly personality is what clients and family members notice when they come to Cornerstone. This is why Kelly received the Employee of the Month honor. Kelly shared her story about addiction and how that experience empowers her want to help others.

How long have you worked in addiction treatment and recovery?

“Actually, as we speak, I have been working in the field for only eight months, so my career began right here in South Florida at Cornerstone Recover Center.”

How did you get involved with treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, and what has your experience been like?

“My reasons for coming to Cornerstone are both professional and personal. I enjoy being involved in helping our clients, because I understand what they’re going through. You see, I’ve been there myself. I am in recovery, and I really understand the voyage from alcohol and drug addiction to recovery. While I’m an administrator, I’m actively involved with my clients on a daily basis.”

What are some of your responsibilities?

“As the first person they see when they come in,  I greet everybody with warmth and friendliness to make them as comfortable as possible. And I said, I’ve been in their shoes. If someone is being newly admitted, I know how scary it is.”

“I’m really thrilled to be planning our alumni meetings, which take place the last Thursday of every month. In April, I coordinated an alumni vs. staff kickball game. It was great fun. Everyone was laughing the whole time and we had a great turnout. Even the weather cooperated – not too hot. It felt great to see how our Cornerstone alumni are doing, and great knowing it was a very, very successful event!”

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when working with people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction?

“For me, it all comes down to three words: Professional. Compassionate. Understanding. Everyone who goes through this process needs to be treated with these three words as a guide. I know, because that’s how I wanted people to be with me. Also, understand that people’s lives are at risk and this is very serious. Assuring people that they have a genuine support system right here at their side is critical for anyone in a dire and life-threatening situation.”

How has going through recovery given you an advantage?

“I have an absolute advantage, because I’ve been on their side of it. You understand the struggle that they’re going through at the moment, that they’re in a bad place in their lives. And it’s good for them, because they can see that the staff has been where they are and got through to the other side. It gives them hope and helps them see that recovery is possible, even through they don’t feel it at the moment.”

How is Cornerstone different from other treatment centers you’ve experienced?

“Besides their level of expertise and their experience with co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis, I would say that we’re a smaller facility. So, we’re more like a family and we’re focused on our clients’ individual needs. They are not just a number!”

How has Cornerstone made an impact on your life?

“Cornerstone Recovery Center has definitely given me a huge boost in confidence. Professionally, I am excited about the relationships I’ve built with the staff.
And personally, being able to help others dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, and showing that I can be an example of hope for somebody, is a truly rewarding feeling.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Now that I’m clean and sober, there is so much more to life than I thought previously. I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. While I have a fear of heights, I recently had a breakthrough – I went parasailing. I love bringing people together, just hanging out with my friends and making the most out of this new chapter of my life in the Fort Lauderdale area.”