One of the more troubling times you may face when working toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction will come when attempting to reintegrate with society. Where an addiction treatment center will have offered you the kind of fellowship and community necessary to effectively combat substance abuse, society at large may prove reticent in affording you the same level of support.

It is widely accepted that relapse and recidivism rates become inflated in part because of a lack of emotional and psychological support upon completion of a program at a recovery center. While 12-step programs and other such methods of dialogue go a long way in creating a system whereby you are made to feel a part of something profound, we understand that they, too, are sometimes wanting in the kind of structure, accountability, and – quite frankly – nurturing that you may need to more effectively transition into a healthy post-treatment lifestyle.

A Sober Home for a Fresh Start

At a sober home (or recovery home), you will learn the skills necessary for successful reintegration with the life you put on hold in order to better understand yourself and your goals moving forward. With the aid of qualified treatment professionals, your time at a sober home will further your efforts toward the goals you set and progress you made during drug treatment. The importance of work, of maintaining your home, of cultivating your relationships, and of understanding the world around you will all shift from ideology to reality as you take the next step in the recovery process.

The means by which you will enter a sober home once treatment is completed varies depending on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, if treatment is ordered by a court, said court may require that you enter a sober home as part of your rehabilitation. However, sober homes may provide a valuable solution whether ordered by a court or not.

At Cornerstone Recovery Center, we believe in the merits of sober homes as means for a fresh start. And, once you have completed one of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, should you and your family so desire, we will be more than happy to recommend and assist in placing you in a local-area recovery home.