The continuum of care has long been lacking a bridge between addiction treatment and the life to which a recovering addict returns upon completion of treatment. This time can prove both daunting and scary: a stark change between the fellowships fostered by a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and the solitude that life can sometimes thrust upon you. At Cornerstone Recovery Center, however, we do not accept this solitude as a certainty. In fact, our model proves quite the opposite. We encourage individuals to take part in the addiction treatment aftercare we offer. We impress the importance of 12-step meetings as a means of support. And, whenever possible, we recommend sober coaches as a powerful resource toward achieving lifelong recovery.

Sober Coaches to Enhance Your Addiction Treatment

Sober coaches provide stability at a time when none may exist. Where 12-step groups, churches, therapists, and other such forms of aftercare support – though important – are limited in the level of accountability they put forth, sober coaches take a hands-on approach toward ensuring the success of your recovery. With extensive experience in the field of addiction recovery, a sober coach will work with you in setting highly-individualized goals and adopting life-building skills, both of which are intended to motivate, inspire, and address any stressors exclusive to your life. By taking a structured approach to your recovery, a sober coach will aid you in breaking down any barriers that may impede your moving forward.

Upon completion of one of our addiction treatment programs, our goal is to ensure that a rock solid support system is in place, and we will gladly connect you with a qualified sober coach who will further help you to live life on life’s terms.