We are so proud that our Family Night events continue to be a success, connecting families and loved ones of clients in recovery with other families going through the same struggles. This past May, we hosted our 5th monthly Family Night and it was an overwhelming success. Our chests are swelling with pride at all of the warmth and sharing that has been evident as a result of our gatherings.

During our May Family Night event, everyone who participated was very engaged in the conversation. Our group discussion ran until 8:00pm because so many people were eager to share their stories. There was potential to share more and continue for longer, so we are excited to open our Family Night events up to twice a month starting in June. Topics discussed included:

  • Importance of maintenance for the addict in recovery
  • 12-step Fellowship involvement
  • Enabling
  • Co-dependency
  • Self-care
  • Detaching with love

Everyone that participated, from teens to adults, shared their insights and perspectives. Opinions were shared, questions were asked, and everyone who attended said that they definitely walked away with something useful. Group members included some people in recovery themselves, NAR-ANON members and many individuals with loved ones who have co-occurring disorders. “Co-occurring disorder” refers to mental health issues that accompany the substance abuse or addiction. We offer dual diagnosis treatment at Cornerstone Recovery Center to since one often feeds the other.

The best part is that we saw families exchanging phone numbers and making plans to attend future Family Night events together. We love hearing comments like, “This is exactly what I needed” and, “Thank you for sharing and saying what you said, it is good to know that I am not alone”.

Our Next Family Night is June 6, 2014

We invite you to attend our next Family Night event on June 6, 2014 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. The event will be held at our Ft. Lauderdale drug and alcohol rehab center. Family Night is all about the families of those affected by addiction sharing with each other so that they know they are not alone. There is an open process group that is led by addiction recovery therapist Barbara Hernandez, MS, LMHC. Our next Family Night event will feature a personal story shared by Chris and Darrell Smethie.

Beginning in June, we will be having two Family Night events each month on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Additionally, we have opened up Family Night to the public so that more of the South Florida community can be exposed to receiving help from our passionate group and wide range of recovery programs and services.

For more information on Family Night at Cornerstone Recovery Center, please contact our Family Night Coordinator Chanell Tuchband at 954-980-1404 or chanell@cornerstonefl.com. To learn more about how we use this family-friendly support method to help treat alcoholism or drug addiction, call 1-888-711-0354 to speak with an admissions counselor.