As an addiction treatment center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, there’s something that, amid blue skies and a bright shining sun and endless beaches, we see an extraordinary amount of: people.

People, people, people.

Because South Florida is a sort of hub for the rest of the country, we see it all: individuals from every walk of life and from everywhere on the globe. We see them in shopping malls, movie theaters, gas stations, hospitals, and restaurants. And it isn’t so much that we see them. It’s more about the number of people we see.

And truly, we can’t blame them. South Florida is a beautiful place. It’s only natural that individuals and their families would want to flock to our sunny little corner of the universe. There is, however, something of a drawback to having such an alluring claim to fame, something that is often disconcerting in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment: overcrowding.

A High Addiction Counselor-to-Client Ratio

The overcrowding of an addiction treatment center can prove a hindrance to individuals seeking recovery. No matter how concerned and dedicated an addiction treatment counselor may be – and we like to believe that the majority are very much affected by not being able to lend the level of care that is truly needed by a client – a low counselor-to-client ratio can derail an addiction counselor’s efforts to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

The Cornerstone Recovery addiction treatment philosophy places a great deal of emphasis on achieving a high counselor-to-client ratio, on ensuring that our counselors are not spread thin and thus able to more adeptly address the needs of each individual. This is of the utmost importance in achieving recovery through individualized treatment plans that are tailored to each individual client based on the circumstances surrounding his or her addiction.

We are committed to providing for our clients by providing for our counselors, committed to fostering the continuum of care by allowing for our treatment professionals to fully embrace each client. We believe that a high counselor-to-client ratio is a cornerstone of true and honest recovery, and we will place a small population and a great many qualified counselors at the forefront of our substance abuse treatment endeavors.