Once you’ve made the brave decision to begin treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, the next question is: does insurance cover addiction treatment? There are different treatment options and programs available, so the important thing is to find out what is covered so that you know what to expect. Plan ahead by finding out what types of treatments are covered and by making sure that the alcohol and drug treatment centeryou choose accepts your insurance.

New Addiction Treatment Laws & Insurance Coverage for Rehab

This past November, lawmakers finally passed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act into law. This new law regarding mental health and addiction treatment evens the playing field when it comes to insurance coverage for treatment. This means that we can finally answer “yes” to the question, “does insurance cover addiction treatment?” The law means that insurance companies must cover mental health and addiction treatment the same way they provide coverage for any type of treatment for physical illnesses. Insurance companies now charge the same co-pays, premiums, and deductibles for alcohol and drug addiction treatment as they would for a physical illness.

Cornerstone Recovery Center Accepts Health Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

South Florida’s Cornerstone Recovery Center offers a number of customized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs including 12-Step and SMART Recovery®. The treatment center also provides dual diagnosis and trauma services as part of the recovery program. We accept most major insurance. To find out if your insurance covers addiction treatment, call Cornerstone Recovery Center at 888-711-0354 or contact us online.