Detox may be required for those individuals who decide to seek addiction rehab while drugs and alcohol are still present in their bloodstreams. Detox is the process by which, under strict medical supervision and often with the aid of medication, drugs and alcohol are allowed to exit an individual’s system so as to rid the body of their inhibitive effects. Detox is often a necessary step in substance abuse treatment, so much so that, without it, honest recovery may not be possible.

Find a Detox Center for Effective Addiction Treatment

Upon examination by our Clinical Director, our drug treatment center in South Florida will be able to refer you to any of a number of reputable and quality detox facilities prior to entering one of our addiction treatment programs. Through such coordination, Cornerstone Recovery aims to ensure a properly individualized addiction treatment plan, one that will produce the most benefit to both client and family in reclaiming the future and adopting a lifestyle of positive change.