At Cornerstone Recovery Center, we do everything we can to ensure that admission to our rehab facility proves both smooth and insightful. Our approach is intended to provide a basis of knowledge for clients and our staff of addiction treatment professionals. Initially, we will conduct a screening to properly assess a client’s individual addiction treatment needs. Doing so will allow our Medical and Clinical Directors to best determine an individualized mode of treatment.

Open Communication in Securing Addiction Treatment

Because the effects of addiction are not exclusive to the individual seeking treatment, we further believe in pursuing open communication with a client’s family. Cornerstone Recovery is committed to addressing a family’s needs in conjunction with those of the client. Our admissions process will seek to involve a client’s family to the extent that it will benefit the client’s recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Our overall admissions approach focuses on the unique situation in which a client and his or her family find themselves. For further admissions information, please contact our drug treatment center in South Florida to speak with an admissions counselor.

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