South Florida is known as a hotbed for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, though if you’re not a South Florida resident – and, sometimes, perhaps even if you are – the reasons behind our popularity in the addiction treatment community may not be readily clear. Surely, substance abuse treatment depends solely on the quality of care and not on the surroundings, doesn’t it?

Well, not necessarily.

Addiction Treatment along South Florida’s Coast

A recent survey seeking to determine the factors that most matter to individuals entering drug and alcohol rehab found that, though the quality of care offered by a prospective addiction treatment center topped the list, location ranked second. And, in our experience, these results were largely unremarkable. Yes, while treatment quality is of the utmost importance in assuring addiction recovery, the environment in which you may find yourself will directly influence your mood, openness, willingness to participate, and overall level of comfort throughout the addiction treatment process.

So why South Florida?

Cornerstone Recovery Center proudly calls Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home for a number of reasons. Most directly related to the location itself, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is just minutes from the ocean and averages 246 sunny days a year, which offers great comfort to both clients and staff alike. In fact, the very foundation for our own recovery was set years and years ago upon the sands of what we so fondly refer to as Serenity Beach.

To this day, we ask our clients to join us time and again at that very spot on the water in hopes of inspiring in them similar affection toward it.

Unified Addiction Recovery in South Florida

Of particular significance is the sheer number of recovering individuals who find themselves in South Florida. This is an accepting community, one that believes in addiction treatment and that a second – and sometimes third or fourth – chance should be made available to anyone courageous enough to work toward it. South Florida is a community of recovery, a community that is so much more than the sun-washed beaches for which it is most notable. We are a collection of neighbors, and we strive to make everyone feel welcome and deserving of the happiness that we all so desire.

And Cornerstone Recovery, from its humble beginnings on Ft. Lauderdale’s beaches, hopes to carry the torch lit by earlier members of South Florida’s recovery community and touch lives as ours have been touched.