Throughout Treatment

Cornerstone Recovery realizes that when one member of a family is in substance abuse treatment, the entire family is in treatment. We understand that “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply, that the concerns swirling around inside the mind of a client are also swirling around inside the minds of those who care for and wish to see the individual take positive action toward a lifestyle change.

Support for Families Throughout the Addiction Treatment Process

A client’s family is encouraged to contact our drug treatment center in South Florida whenever a question or concern arises. Throughout the rehab process, our staff of treatment professionals will maintain open dialogue with the client’s family. Whether by phone or email, in person or via Skype, family members will be regularly made aware of a client’s treatment progress. Furthermore, we will provide education to family members regarding drug and alcohol abuse treatment, and if our Clinical and Medical Directors determine that a client’s family should be more active in his or her treatment, then our staff will work to make that happen.

Families are encouraged to attend our Family Night events on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. During this open process group, family members and loved ones can share their stories with other families going through a similar experience, learn more about the treatment and recovery process, and receive additional support.

Cornerstone Recovery Center is committed to treating the family as well as the individual, and we will work diligently to lay a foundation for the family’s recovery along with that of the client.