Cornerstone Recovery believes in opening the pre-admission process to the family of our clients. Because the needs of the family are important to the addiction treatment process, we feel it necessary and beneficial to include the family whenever possible so as to completely address the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Including the Family in Choosing the Right Treatment Program

During the rehab admissions process, our addiction treatment professionals will be made available to answer any questions and attend to any concerns that a client’s family may have. And because we understand that distance may sometimes make it difficult to contact our drug treatment center in South Florida, we are available by phone or – for a more intimate experience – via Skype to create an honest and insightful discourse for everyone involved.

Because of our commitment to the inclusion of family to the client’s benefit, Cornerstone Recovery will do all that is necessary to ensure that concerned and involved family members are made aware of the course of drug and alcohol abuse treatment agreed upon by a client and our addiction treatment professionals.

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