Drug Rehab Aftercare Program

Because recovery is an ongoing and lifelong process, much of the progress made in achieving sobriety comes in the drug rehab aftercare program that follows treatment. This, we feel, is true for both client and family. Where a client requires continued support to cope with his or her addiction, a family is equally needy of extended and constructive treatment. In light of this, our drug treatment center in South Florida will remain open to a client’s family upon completion of one of our addiction treatment programs for aftercare services.

Addiction Treatment toward Building a Continuum of Recovery

Aftercare will provide support in the form of continuing education, coping mechanisms, and relapse prevention skills aimed at promoting a continuum of recovery and strengthening ties between a client and his or her family. We understand that the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehab extends beyond the treatment program itself, and we will work with a client’s family to ensure that a strong and lasting system of support is in place to address any future needs that may arise.