Family Resources for Substance Abuse

Addiction is never exclusive to the individual. The disease of drug and alcohol addiction also affects family and friends, hurting the support group that so earnestly desires for the individual to be freed from addiction. Cornerstone Recovery understands that addicts and alcoholics are not islands unto themselves; they are surrounded by people who also need support in light of a loved one’s struggles with substance abuse.

In Treating Addiction, Repairing the Family with Each Step

As the individualized treatment plans devised for our clients unfold, our staff will extend its care to friends and family alike. The needs of the family will be addressed throughout the pre-admission, treatment, and aftercare processes. In so doing, we feel that the overall effectiveness of treatment will be enhanced by restoring the promises of tomorrow that bind client to family and family to client. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between loved ones to make possible a bright and promising future for everyone affected by addiction.

  • During the addiction treatment center admissions process, our addiction treatment professionals will be made available to answer any questions and attend to any concerns that a client’s family may have.
  • Cornerstone Recovery is committed to treating the family as well as the individual, and we will work diligently to lay a foundation for the family’s recovery along with that of the client.
  • Where a client requires continued support to cope with his or her addiction, a family is equally needy of an extended and constructive aftercare treatment program.
  • Families seeking local support for a client should turn to our extensive links to local resources.
  • We’re there every step of the way through the addiction process, including travel arrangements. Use our travel resources to help you plan the trip.
  • Family Night is our open support group for families of clients, held on every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. We open our doors not just to the families of our clients, but to any family struggling to cope, giving families a chance to connect and heal while learning about the recovery process. Contact Tracie Duich, Family Night Coordinator, for more information at or call her directly at 954-556-7441.