Last month, we were proud to host the first monthly Family Night at our Ft. Lauderdale drug rehab facility. Family Night provides a chance for friends and family members to participate in the recovery process of their loved ones as well as learn about the addiction treatment center and meet some of the staff.

Barbara Hernandez, MS, LMHC, is an addiction treatment therapist at Cornerstone who leads the process group during the Family Night event. She encourages family members to interact with one another and connect with other people who have loved ones in treatment. “Family Night provides an opportunity for family members to discuss their loved ones in a nonjudgmental setting and express their feelings and frustrations in a way that is healthy and productive,” says Barbara.

Although the family members are not there to visit with their loved ones in treatment during Family Night, one client got permission for her father to bring her 14-month old daughter who she had not seen for a couple months. The father agreed she could babysit while he was attending Family Night and the reunion was very sweet. “She benefited a lot from the experience and so did grandpa,” remarks Barbara of her client. “The child recognized her immediately, and she was delighted to be able to see and take care of her baby. It was also good for her father to see how far she’d come in treatment and how well she did with her child.”

One family in attendance has a son who completed addiction treatment in Fort Laurderdale and is doing well in the community. After relapsing many times, the family is cautiously optimistic, but their story gave the other family members hope, even though they know it is one day at a time. “Recovery is a forever thing and you have to follow the program,” says Barbara. “Friendships were made between the families and they’ll be a good support system for each other moving forward.”

The next Family Night will be held on Friday, January 17 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. If you would like to attend Family Night, or would like more information about how Cornerstone Recovery Center can help your loved one beat addiction, please call 888-711-0354 or click here to contact us online.