Seeking Safety

Trauma and Substance Abuse Therapy

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based model for treatment of co-occurring traumasubstance abuse and addiction. It can be applied in an individual or group setting.

Clinical research shows that Seeking Safety is effective for virtually anyone trying to cope with trauma and substance abuse. This includes males and females, military and veterans; survivors of domestic violence; criminal justice; people who are seriously and persistently mentally ill; individuals with behavioral addictions such as pathological gambling; active substance users; and clients in all levels of care, including outpatient, residential, inpatient, community care and private practice.

We teach effective ways of dealing with the stressors of both trauma and drug addiction ailments. Our approach is extremely positive and we do not ask victims to go back to their traumatic incident(s). The program’s main theme is empowering clients to have faith and showing them that safety is key to the “Installation of Hope.” To this end, we help clients envision what safety would look and feel like in their lives. We help them learn specific ways of coping without a dependence on drugs or alcohol.

We believe in an individualized approach provided by trained trauma professionals who care. Our approach to clients who are deeply affected by a co-occurring disorder, trauma or PTSD is “strengths based.” Whereas some rehabs have the idea of breaking clients down and building them back up again, we “meet them where they’re at.” We build on the strengths that the client already has and work to make them stronger and more resilient. We provide non-judgmental therapy. We don’t believe in guilt trips; we believe in the healing power of recovery and the client’s capacity to change.

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