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Social and Creative Activities

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” We believe this maxim and dedicate time and resources to develop client creativity.

Often people have the mistaken impression that after giving up the drug life will be “boring.” Our aim is to let clients experience how their inherent creativity can bring a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Our treatment program goes beyond just sitting in a circle talking about problems. An effective recovery should include creative outlets and reinforce that life is more enjoyable without drugs or alcohol.

We offer a variety of opportunities for clients to remain active and express themselves in the visual and performing arts.

  • Gym membership is provided to clients can maintain their physical health and mental well being.
  • Group outings include trips to the beach, movies, bowling or shopping. Since many of our clients are out-of-towners, we may take a nature walk in Fern Forest or Secret Woods Park.
  • Social events help clients see that “clean and sober” fun is possible. Each Sunday evening, clients get together for dinner and engage in activities such as board games, music, and pool. It’s a great way to end the weekend.
  • Music is an important component of people’s lives today, especially for young people. We provide guitars and clients are welcome to bring their instruments with them. We often listen and discuss particular music that is relevant to our recovery journeys in a recovery group.
  • Art therapy is available. These may be as simple as painting a ceramic tile to commemorate your sobriety date or maybe something more elaborate like an outing to Joe Picasso’s – a local ceramic studio. Perhaps the most therapeutic art intervention we do is The Tree of Life, a Narrative Therapy intervention that helps clients understand the interconnectedness they have with their roots, their life events (the trunk of the tree), their goals and aspirations (branches), and the gifts they have to give (the fruit).
  • Our Registered Dietician provides a monthly nutrition education workshop so that those who are creative with the culinary arts (or are aspiring to be) can learn about the interactions between good nutrition and good recovery.
  • Writing workshops are designed to help clients who express themselves through the written word or alternatively through “spoken word” activities.
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