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Lifelong Relationships Forged Here

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process that continues long after you leave our treatment program. Lifelong relationships can be established in drug and alcohol treatment, and reuniting with friends and mentors is key to maintaining long-term sobriety. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive influences can be extremely powerful and helpful during your recovery. Clients who have successfully completed any of our levels of care are eligible to participate in our leading Alumni Program.

Alumni programs and events are offered throughout the year. We offer different types of activities that empower clients to share their experiences, challenges, provide fellowship, and just have fun. There is no charge for our Alumni Program other than a commitment to attend once monthly and maintain a relationship with fellow alumni and our Alumni Coordinator.

Staying engaged and connected with others in recovery will allow alumni to hold themselves accountable and provide stronger motivation to stick to their recovery goals. Here are some of the recovery tools and programs available to our alumni:

  • Phone follow-ups start the day after you leave treatment and continue weekly to check in, answer questions and provide meeting information.
  • 24-hour alumni hotline that is dedicated to providing support, help finding an AA or NA meeting, or just someone to talk to.
  • We know that sometimes the hardest thing for someone to do is pick up the phone to make a call for help. That is why we offer many different methods of contact for our alumni members including text chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Social events and activities such as WWE Wrestling, beach gatherings, and movie nights.
  • Family Night events are held twice a month to provide support for alumni and their families.
  • Employment support including resume writing services.
  • Email and newsletter communications provide information on upcoming events and recovery tips.
  • We recognize our alumni birthdays and sober days in our private Facebook group and during meetings.
  • Our website blog is also a great resource for alumni members to gain information and support for staying sober.

The recovery process is an ongoing journey that never ends and our dedicated Alumni Program team is here to support clients every step of the way. Visit our alumni group on Facebook to learn about past and upcoming events.

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