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Lifelong Relationships Forged Here

Addiction is never exclusive to the individual. The disease of drug and alcohol addiction also affects family and friends, hurting the support group that so earnestly desires for the individual to be freed from addiction.

We believe families need help in their own right. That’s why our family programs educate and support families and friends faced with alcohol and drug addiction. We offer seminars to free workshops for families to help families heal from the harmful effects of a loved one’s addiction. Our programs help families to:

  • understand their role when enabling self-destructive behaviors
  • develop coping skills during the chaos
  • set healthy boundaries
  • repair relationships
  • reestablish trust
  • prepare for post-treatment recovery

We believe restoring the bind between client and family increases the likelihood of a client’s long-term recovery.

We open our doors not just to the families of our clients, but to any family struggling to cope, giving families a chance to connect and heal while learning about the recovery process.

Contact us for more information about our family services or if interested in attending one of our Family Night events.

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