About Us

Being a Light in the Darkness

Maureen Donadio founded Cornerstone Recovery Center in 2012 in response to how other treatment centers in South Florida treated their clients and released them before they completed treatment. Many facilities failed those that entrusted them with their lives. Maureen wanted to change things for the better. To save lives.

It is Maureen’s mission that sets the bar for our team.

  1. No client goes overlooked
  2. Every client feels respected, safe, and understood
  3. Provide the best clinical care possible ensuring clients have the best chance at success in treatment and recovery
  4. No client leaves before they are ready

We are an accredited and licensed facility that offers a “small town” feel. Our staff-to-client ratio is among the highest in Florida. With our more personalized and attentive approach, we’ve made a positive impact on thousands of lives over the years.

Our Team

We take the fight with addiction personally. Many of our team members have battled and won that fight in their own lives. From our clinical and medical teams to those in administration, our staff shares the passion for helping people get their lives back and the ability to do it.

Maureen Donadio
Founder & Manager of Finance
Levi Kahane, MD
Medical Director
Robbi Beth
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Scardino, LCSW, CAP
Clinical Director
Cornerstone Recovery Center Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment Center

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