Why Us

The Passion & The Ability to Help

We are a facility with a “small town” feel to it. This means that every staff member is available to a client every day and we’re all working out of the same playbook. No one is overlooked.

Our staff-to-client ratio is among the highest in Florida, and we maintain the latest in industry certifications. We are accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The staff at Cornerstone includes Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Behavioral Health Technicians, Psychiatrist, and Medical Doctor who all share the passion for helping people get their lives back and the ability to do it.

We offer personalized healing paths to fit your specific situation. We know that in many cases one problem leads to another. This is why our team specializes in substance abuse disorders as well as co-occurring disorders and alternative sentencing cases.

We understand your needs because we take the fight with addictions personally. Many of our team members have battled and won that fight in their own lives. So we ensure every client feels respected, safe, and understood. Together, we will get to the bottom of the problem and walk the path of progress to sobriety. Not just while you’re with us, but afterwards, as alumni, as you celebrate your small victories and larger success.


Our reputation for caring about the lives of our clients is real. The culture we established for both our employees and clients is more like a family. We all share a passion to help clients get their lives back and the ability to do it.

Our Facilities

Our treatment center and residences are near downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have separate male and female housing with private pools, views of the Intracoastal Waterway, and within walking distance to the beach. Our behavioral health technicians provide 24-hour supervision at each residence.

Support Circles

Support circles can be a powerful force that motivates us all to do better in life. From 12-Step and specialized group therapy to family services and alumni events, we provide clients a network of advice, assistance, and skill-building activities.

Alternative Sentencing Assistance Program (ASAP)

We developed A.S.A.P. to afford those facing criminal charges for the first time or a repeat offender an opportunity to receive real substance abuse treatment as an alternative to incarceration. A.S.A.P. offers many benefits to all parties involved.



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