Bob Scardino is the Clinical Director at Cornerstone Recovery Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He oversees a staff of many and loves what he does. He is helping to treat recovering addicts in both residential and settings.

Originally born in New York, Bob has lived in South Florida since 1963. Though he was originally an executive in the travel industry, when the travel landscape changed after 9/11, Bob decided to join the field of addiction recovery. In recovery himself, Bob says it “felt like a good transition.” He then gained extensive experience as a Certified Addiction Professional.

At Cornerstone, Bob completely oversees the facility’s treatment approach, which includes traditional 12-step based recovery programs and a new SMART Recovery® inspired track. SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) is a peer-led support group that Bob has successfully incorporated into Cornerstone’s evening intensive outpatient program over the last 5-6 months.

A Day In The Life Working At A Drug Rehab Recovery Center

A typical day for Bob is definitely not typical. He runs three drug rehab recovery groups a week as well as manages all clinical functions at Cornerstone Recovery Center. Bob loves working with both clients and staff. He loves working with the therapists on figuring out ways to motivate the clients to change and find their own inner strength.  He says what is most valuable is when “the light bulb” goes off in a client’s head.

Both Bob and Cornerstone subscribe to the belief that there is no “one size fits all” in recovery. Cornerstone’s philosophy of recognizing and embracing the ideal of individual care melds well with Bob’s dedication to the individual in the addiction treatment process. “People believe in different forms of support, from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) to religion or spirituality as a means to achieve their goals,” says Bob. He has seen people use all different ways to get to the same place – leading a sober, satisfying life.

Bob’s non-judgmental approach has helped many families who have been affected by addictive behaviors. His personal mottos apply to his treatment approach as well. “I don’t do guilt trips,” he says. “Guilt just keeps people stuck in their stuff. Just believe in the ability to change.”

Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

If you or someone you know is facing drug or alcohol addiction, do not give up. The staff at Cornerstone Recovery Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, serves clients from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and all over the country to help them get their life back on track. To learn more about Cornerstone’s drug treatment services, call 888-711-0354 or submit an online contact form to speak with an admissions counselor today.