If you are trying to decide if a Christian recovery program is right for you, consider Cornerstone Recovery Center’s very special Christian Recovery Program. Our Christian Recovery Program combines bible teachings with the 12-steps of recovery; then we take it a step further and customize the treatment program based on your needs and your specific situation. The focus is teaching coping skills from a bible perspective. Our counselors and ordained minister, Reverend Charlotte Day, work together with you to come up with a customized program that is right for you.

The nurturing, healing, and family-centered environment at Cornerstone Recovery Center has resulted in excellent success in achieving the goals set. Our in-house counselors, including the medical director, certified nurses, family coaches, and more all work together towards your success – all the while strengthening your commitment to God, enhancing the relationship, and replacing negative thoughts with the word of God.

How to Customize Your Christian Recovery Program at Cornerstone Recovery Center

At Cornerstone, each client receives a completely unique and individualized plan of care upon entering into our addiction recovery center. Rev. Charlotte Day leads the faith-based curriculum that strengthens your relationship with God while working to heal you inside and out: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Celebrate Recovery®, a Christ-centered drug and alcohol recovery program, will be a key component of the Christian track. In addition to bible study, reciting verses, and replacing negative thoughts with the word of God, you will be able to choose to incorporate any combination of the following treatment options into your customized Christian Recovery Program:

Ft. Lauderdale Christian Rehab Program at Cornerstone Recovery Center

Freedom from addiction with a Christian Recovery Program is customized for each client. The program is developed for you based on your needs. We are a family friendly facility and involve your family and loved ones in your recovery efforts.  If you would like to learn more about our Ft. Lauderdale rehab, call Cornerstone Recovery Center at 888-711-0354  or contact us online. We are standing by to help.