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Dangerous Conflict: Addiction and Culture in the Latino Community
November 15, 2018

It’s a hard truth to accept, but the values of the Latino community may work against those with a drug and alcohol addiction. Read Andres’ incredible story.

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We specialize in the treatment of trauma, PTSD or a major depressive disorder.
How Seeking Safety Helps Addicts Suffering From Trauma or PTSD.
August 15, 2018

Learn how our “Seeking Safety” therapy can effectively help adults manage trauma, PTSD or a major depressive disorder and a substance abuse disorder.

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South Florida Refuge Recovery Support Group
How a Buddhist Philosophy Treats Drug and Alcohol Addiction
July 26, 2018

Refuge Recovery is one of a new breed of spiritual drug treatment programs growing in popularity. Learn how it offers those in recovery an alternative to AA.

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Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders
Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders: Spencer Smith’s Second Chance
June 29, 2018

Read “Spencer’s” true story about his battle with addiction, and how our alternative sentencing program gave him and his family a second chance at life.

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Double Whammy: Karen R.’s Co-Occurring Disorder Success Story
May 29, 2018

Karen struggled with drug addiction for way too long. Here is her story how and where she got help for both the mental health and drug addition disorders.

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animal therapy for substance abuse recovery
No Pet Peeves in Recovery
April 4, 2018

Everyone who has owned a pet understands what we get from this wonderful source of comfort. When it comes to substance…

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tips for alcohol and drug addiction
Don’t Try to “Save” Your Child: 5 Tips for Dealing with Drug Addiction
March 19, 2018

On the surface, this sounds like a cruel mandate, but adult children who are victims of alcohol and drug addiction need…

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How to Make Good Choices in Alcohol Recovery
Recovering the Ability to Choose
March 12, 2018

Just think about how many choices you have and how many decisions you must make every minute of every day: What…

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sexual abuse trauma and addiction
Unseen Scars: Sexual Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Addiction
February 22, 2018

Anyone who followed the horrific testimony of the more than 150 members of the United States Women’s Gymnastics Team is now…

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The Rehab Life: What to Expect and How to Have a Life After Rehab
Life After Rehab—Say What?
November 1, 2017

While many people go out of state for drug treatment programs, life after rehab starts with moving home. For some people,…

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