The times they are a-changing. This phrase is just as true today as it was when Bob Dylan first sang them 50 years ago. The drug landscape has changed drastically in the last 50 years, with a need for constant monitoring to be aware of all the new and “designer” drugs that are affecting young.. read more →

Lately, it seems that more and more people around the world are claiming that marijuana is not addictive, not harmful and should be legalized. In Amsterdam, Holland, marijuana is legal and there are restaurants with full menus that list a myriad of different types of marijuana or “pot” as it is also known. It has.. read more →

“Have you met my best friend, Molly? She’s a blast!” This has been the popular phrase amongst electronic music festival attendees and rave partygoers. Contrary to the common belief that molly is safer than other drugs because it is a ‘pure’ form of ecstasy, molly is not a safe drug. Molly is the street name.. read more →

At some point in time, smartphone and iPad users realize that there truly is a mobile app for just about everything, including addiction recovery. Today’s teenagers don’t know a world without apps, so a mobile app that illuminates the horrors of underage drinking can’t be a bad thing. But they are not just for the.. read more →

There’s a certain accepted truth regarding those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction: they have to hit rock bottom before they can begin to get better. The theory is this: in order to acquire the mental state necessary to make real change in their lives, addicts have to be given the gift of desperation, and.. read more →

Drug addiction can rear its ugly head on the shelves at the corner pharmacy. That’s the threat of CCC, and the numbers of reported cases are rapidly on the rise. CCC is the new Robitussin. Otherwise known as Triple C’s or Cordies, the over-the-counter medication Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold contains the drug dextromethorphan, or.. read more →

Most parents dread the day when they know they must sit down with their kids and have chats about uncomfortable adult situations, which nowadays often arrive long before adulthood. Among the many subjects that are likely to be broached between parent and child, there are two big whoppers that really stand out: sex and drugs. read more →

Parents face immense challenges raising teenagers today, perhaps more so than at any other time in the modern era. Between the endless parade of electronic media and the ever-changing lifestyles that constantly redefine society’s acceptable norms, it’s increasingly difficult for parents to know when to allow a child’s identity to develop freely and when to.. read more →

Teen drug and alcohol abuse remains a significant threat to the fabric of our society. In fact, shedding light on just how pervasive teen drug abuse and underage drinking actually are, a recent survey reported that an estimated 17% of high school students are abusing drugs and alcohol during the school day. The survey also.. read more →