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Am I a Drug Addict?
May 14, 2013

This is the most difficult question many people will ever contemplate. It’s never easy for a person to make the unflinchingly…

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Millions of Uninsured Now Will Receive Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Treatment
May 1, 2013

Only about 10 percent of the 23 million Americans with alcohol or drug problems receive addiction treatment, according to the National…

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Dangerous Effects of Purple Drank (Sizzurp) Abuse
April 18, 2013

Purple drank, like alcohol and other drugs, has often been glorified in pop culture as a method of getting high, which…

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Huffing: Ryan Johnston Discusses Dangers of Inhalant Abuse
March 25, 2013

Ryan Johnston of Cornerstone Recovery Center, a drug rehab and treatment center  located in Fort Lauderdale, FL was recently interviewed on…

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Ecstasy Addiction: Symptoms and Side Effects
March 18, 2013

The risk of ecstasy addiction has increased as the drug has steadily grown in both popularity and strength. Ecstasy is composed…

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As Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse remains Rampant, Parents must remain Vigilant
March 7, 2013

Teen drug and alcohol abuse remains a significant threat to the fabric of our society. In fact, shedding light on just…

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Dealing with Victimization in Effecting Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery
November 22, 2012

It was not always widely accepted or believed that your more trying experiences may directly affect the likelihood of your dabbling…

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